Monday, 20 May 2013

BareFoot ArtHouse 2013

Pots & paintings in the Yoga room

Pictures from the BareFoot ArtHouse this year. All paintings by Michelle Cobbin, and pots by Anne Meg Griffiths ( )

Both Meg and I are delighted with how well our work goes together. We hadn't any idea about what the other was making and the day before opening Meg arrived with a car load of pots and plants. As soon as I saw them I knew they'd look stunning at BareFootArtHouse.

Paintings and pots in the Bathroom

Pots & a painting in the Yoga room

Paintings in the Bathroom

Paintings & pots in the hallway

It's great that so many visitors really get the no shoes ethos of 'BareFoot ArtHouse' and are happy to wander without shoes around the house. As this is how we live in the house, it didn't seem right that we'd allow visitors to wear their outdoor shoes in the house when we wouldn't do that ourselves. It is a shame that it has been so cold though, and people have had to grapple with boots and laces rather than flip flops and sandals. Where is the summer?