Monday, 20 August 2012


Aren't deadlines just great at focusing ones concentration.  I'm working on a new series of paintings under the working title of 'Interbeing'.  I had hoped to get the four that I'm working on completed by this weekend to take to Chalk Gallery for the new hang.  Actually only one was finished enough to take, so I've had to rely on my back catalogue to make up the others for this hang.  Still, the deadline does focus my attention to painting rather than gardening, painting rather than lazing on the beach...

The series is about interconnectedness of things, both in the process and materiality of painting, and in how I experience life. It brings me back to my 'Emptiness is Form' series and contemplations of impermanence. They are taking a while to produce, lots of layering and contemplation. Colour is important, and finding the zing where the colours buzz and yet rest comfortably together. I look to Patrick Heron, the master of colour zing, for inspiration.

Interbeing (acrylic on canvas) 40x60cm approx 

So, there is another six week until the next gallery deadline. Time to do a little pottering in the garden before the tension of a deadline pulls me back into sharp concentration in the studio and I finish layering these embryonic paintings.